Premier Development Academy offers players entering grades 9 - 12 a range of college consulting services to maximize their chances of obtaining scholarships and gaining admission to the most sought after universities in the country. Acceptance into top colleges, particularly for the student-athletes, is primarily dependent upon the ability to market and differentiate oneself. There are many student-athletes who compete on strong club or high school teams and have a good test scores and grades. There are however, proven methods to guarantee that an applicant emerges as exceptional.

The process of marketing oneself is an involved one and may seem daunting to many parents and teens. Whereas typical high school students begin thinking about the college admission process in their Sophomore year, student-athletes should begin taking specific steps to gain recognition from coaches in the beginning of their Freshman year. Many colleges have different rules related to recruiting and an entire industry has been built around promising aspiring high school players the “golden key” to admission. The fact is that the rules and regulations are constantly changing about how and when you can

contact a coach and what is the best way for your player to gain maximum exposure. This, in addition to doing well on standardized tests, getting teacher recommendations and crafting a memorable personal narrative, becomes overwhelming.

Alyze Pierce and her team at Premier Development Academy work hand in hand with their clients to eliminate all of the guess work, alleviate and concerns and maximize their applicants’ chances of obtaining admission and/or scholarships to their desired schools. Alyze stands out among college consultants because she has a wealth of information not only about various soccer programs across the country, but about the institutions as a whole. Alyze works tirelessly to ensure that the college in question is not only a good fit for your student as an athlete, but also as a young person with many aspirations. Unlike other college counselors or “recruiting consultants”,Alyze looks at her clients holistically, taking into account their personalities, academic abilities and interest, soccer talents and future career goals.


  • Certified College Consultant
  • 4 year Scholarship Athlete at Stanford University (graduated top 10% of class)
  • Licensed Sports Psychologist
  • Received her J.D. from Harvard Law School

Premier Development Academy offers the choice of hourly services or flat fee services(all inclusive, grade 9 - 12). Additionally, Premier Development Academy offers the following services (All of the services and unlimited one on one contract is provided under the flat fee Arrangement):

  • A step by step 4-year plan maximizing your chances of success;
  • Narrowing down of your college list;
  • Creating edited videotapes to send to prospective coaches (videotaping and editing)
  • Creating an electronic player card to send to coaches
  • Editing and revising letters to coaches Coaching on how best to contact and speak with coaches over the phone (including a thorough explanation of the differences between contacting Division 1, 2 or 3 coaches)
  • Consulting on selecting the best ID camps for the player to attend
  • Consulting on choosing a club that will give you the maximum exposure by attending the major recruiting tournaments in the nation
  • Selecting / planning official and unofficial visits to college campuses
  • College Essay Advice and Editing
  • Assisting in finding the appropriate community service activity
  • Help selecting the appropriate person(s) for your letters of recommendation
  • Referrals to top SAT/ACT and Subject Matter Test tutors
  • Help in securing scholarships and or financial aid
  • Help in making your final decision