Recreational Teams

At the Premier Development Academy we professionalize the recreational soccer experience by providing players of all ability the same individualized attention, high level of coaching, low player:coach ratio and top of the line equipment and resources typically reserved only for "elite/club players." We focus not only on the technical and tactical components of soccer but also on the life skills we are teaching to our players. We believe that a child's innate ability is only a starting point and that talents are capable of being cultivated, nurtured and developed. On our recreational teams, we celebrate our players' persistence and dedication and encourage them to view effort as the path to accomplishment.

Our recreational teams participate in Cal South sanctioned recreational leagues in the Los Angeles Area. We have teams participating in the Fall Season (Sept.-Nov) and in the Spring Season (March-May). Teams typically practice 1-2 times per week for 1.5 hours and have 10-11 games per season. Our practices focus on individual player development and team tactics and cohesiveness. Most importantly, we want to encourage our players' passion for the game! We work hard to ensure that all of our players look forward to every training and every game. The players on our recreational teams come to realize that having fun and being successful go hand in hand. Our coaches encourage all

players to take risks, to be leaders and to bring their own individual style to the game. Our greatest objective is for our players to develop a lifelong love of soccer and physical activity.

Sign ups for our fall season (September-November) occur in May and sign ups for our spring season occur in November. These teams fill up very quickly so please contact us as soon as possible if your child is interested in participating in one of our teams.

All of our teams are trained weekly by our Nationally certified, professional coaches who are also members of the Positive Coaching Alliance. Teams may be coached in games by our professional coaches or may opt to have a parent coach games. All parents who coach games will receive our Coaches Training Plus education (for free). The games played by parent-coached teams will be closely monitored by Coach Alyze so that she can work collaboratively with the coach to provide the best possible training/game environment. Approximately half of all team games will be attended by Coach Alyze. The Premier Development Academy takes great pride in hiring not only strong technical/tactical coaches but positive mentors and role models.