Individual & Small Group Training

Private and small group training (up to 4 players max) can be arranged with Coach Pierce or with one of our Specialty Trainers. Private or small group practice is a proven way to maximize individual player development, small group tactical understanding and address specific areas of technical or tactical play. That said, the true objective of private training is not to provide a once/twice weekly forum to maximize player development. Rather, the aim of private training is for coaches to tap into an individual player's personality so that the player wants to practice on his/her own outside the confines of traditional practice. At Player Development Academy, we believe that the hallmark of an exceptional coach is not one that gets his/her players to train hard at practice but rather one that encourages a passion for the game such that his/her players are motivated to practice on their own.

Alyze Pierce
Coach Pierce's primary focus is on developing speed/agility with the ball and on improving all aspects of footwork and ball movement. Coach Pierce believes that the best players are able to "dance with the ball" and that for a player to reach his/her maximum potential, the ball must become an "extension" of that player. Coach Pierce is one of the only coaches in the Los Angeles area to specialize in the Coerver method of training. She believes strongly that the best players infuse their own personality into their play and has created her own system of practice, "Playlist Soccer."

Location: Locations throughout the San Fernando Valley and Westside.